The 5 judges, beside acknowledging the efforts of all the competitors, decide to assign the following awards:

  • Honourable Mention, Innovative Methodology Award: Emre Savas and Michael Cashmore.
    This team generated a complete domain transition graph for this domain by hand, analyzed the graph to remove useless states and transitions for the problem class of interest, and then created a compact and elegant PDDL model for the domain.


  • Honourable Mention, Dilithium Crystal Award: Sara Bernardini, Maria Fox, and Chiara Piacentini.
    This team was the only one to produce a working model that correctly captures most of the domain constraints of the Star Trek scenario, which was the most difficult temporal domain.


  • Overall winners: Nir Lipovetzky and Christian Muise.
    This team is to be commended for their ability to quickly develop high quality models in multiple domains, while utilizing, and at the same time enhancing, model development tools for PDDL.