The International Competition on Knowledge Engineering for Planning and Scheduling has been running since 2005 as a biennial event promoting the development and importance of the use of knowledge engineering methods and techniques within P&S.

Past events include 4 competitions (ICKEPS) interleaved with KEPS workshops, all held during ICAPS conferences.

This year the competition’s aims are:

  1. provide a fun and interesting opportunity for researchers and students to experience the challenges of knowledge engineering for AI planning;
  2. motivate the community to create and improve tools and techniques for supporting the main design phases of a planning domain model (e.g., modeling, debugging, validation, verification);
  3. provide new interesting and challenging models for the International Planning Competition based on the models created by ICKEPS competitors.

We would like to encourage AI planning researchers to present tools that support the KE phases, and to exploit them (as well as other existing tools) to encode a number of scenarios and problems given by the organisers.


Competitors (competing teams) can develop their tools in advance. The ICKEPS competition will be held on-site. Specifications of some challenging P&S scenarios and problems will be given. Competitors will have to produce P&S models as a solution to the requirements in the specification of the given scenarios. Competitors will have to demonstrate the advantage of using their tools to produce a P&S model as a solution to the requirements (or a sub-set of) in the specification and the plans for the specified scenarios.

More information in the Rules section!

Important dates

  • February 2016: expression of interest by participants
  • March 2016: release of example scenarios
  • April 2016: teams registration
  • 12, June 2016: on-site modeling stage
  • 13, June 2016: demo stage
  • 15, June 2016: results announced